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Proposed Law: Stop Funding Universities for Army Evasion

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

In "retaliation" for the recent Supreme Court decision ordering the stoppage of government funding for yeshivot with students who have not served in the army, MK Eli Yishai submitted a bill proposing a law that would stop subsidies to institutions of higher education if the student body consists of more than 20% who have shirked their service.
Yishai explained that this law tests the Supreme Court on the issue of equality. There is no reason the law should apply to yeshivot and their students and not apply to students of universities who have evaded army service.
source: Bechadrei
Makes sense to me.
I wonder if any university or institution of higher education is at risk, if the law will pass, of losing funding. 20% of the student body sounds like a lot.
Anyways, the funding should be, I think, on a per student basis. The yeshivot and universities should receive funding for any student that is legal - has served in the army or appeared before the draft board and gone through the entire legal process, and should not receive money (based on the law) for any student that did not. Percentages shouldn't matter.

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