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Proposed Law: Reserve Duty Assistance for Spouse

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
From what I hear, one of the most difficult aspects of Israelis being called up for reserve duty in the army is leaving the wife alone to deal with everything - the house, the kids, her job, etc.
MK Moti Yogev (Habayit Hayehudi) along with some other MKs has proposed a new law that would give some assistance in lightening the load from the spouse at home when the spouse is called up for reserve duty, but only in a time of emergency, such as being called up for a war.
According to the proposal, in such a situation, a spouse who's spouse was called up for reserve duty in a war would be granted time off of work, if they have a child under the age of 13, or special needs children.
source: Kipa
I am not sure how much time the spouse would be granted off of work. It sounds from  the article like a set amount of time each day to take care of whatever responsibilities are necessary.
It sounds like a good proposal. I am not sure how this will be received by the commerce organizations. Who will pay for this extra time off? Will the army or Bituach Leumi reimburse employers? Will the employers lose out because of it? I am sure this will be a fight, but they should be able to work it out.
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