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Proposed Law: Primaries for 20+

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
MK Tali Gottleib (Likud) has proposed a law that is directed at Yesh Atid, seemingly in an attempt to hurt them (though I think it can only help). 
Gottleib has proposed that any party with 20 mandates or more will have to have primaries to choose the party leader and its representatives prior to elections. the exact timing of the primaries relative to elections will be established by each party in its document of rules of procedure.
As of now, the election law does not obligate any party to hold primaries to choose its leadership, and some do and others do not. Gottlieb has admitted that this is directed specifically at Yesh Atid so that Lapid himself will not be able to choose its representatives but will have to go to the people to do that.
Gottlieb explains in her proposal that a large party with no primaries leaves too much power in the hands of its leader. And it goes against the principle of an elected leader needing to put himself up to the test of proving himself to be re-elected. And not having primaries damages the sense of obligation party leaders should have to their electorate.
According to the article in JDN, Yesh Atid reps think the law proposal will not pass because they figure most other parties will not support it. They might be surprised to find that most will, as there is no love lost in the Opposition bloc and there has been nothing but fighting and squabbles among them since the election. The real question is what the Haredi parties will decide on this - if they oppose it, out of fear it might come back to hurt them one day, they will pressure others like Smotritch and Likud to oppose it as well. Gantz might support it as he and Lapid havent been on good terms in a long time. Anything can happen with this law.
Personally I dont think it should be limited to parties with 20 mandates or more. There is no real reason to limit it to parties with at least 20 mandates. Smaller party leaders also hold a lo tof power and should have to face their electorate directly. She is only limiting it to 20+ so as not to upset her bedfellows in UTJ and Shas. All parties should have primaries to decide its representatives. And, it wont hurt them but will only help, in my opinion. And, I am against "personal" laws, as I have said before. 
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