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Proposed Law: No More Putting People into Groups

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
It seems that with nobody knowing how long this Knesset will last, they are trying to get as many laws in as quickly as possible that will draw some favor with their constituents. Elections are coming, they have to win back some of the people who didn't vote for them last time. 
Kol Hai News is reporting that MK Yisroel Eichler (UTJ) has proposed a law that would attempt tp prevent incitement against Haredim in the media.
According to Eichler's proposal, the slander law, aka the lashon hara law, would be amended to include banning slander or shaming of a person due to his or her sectoral or social identity.
Just as a person could sue for damages of slander without having to prove damages, a group could sue as well for damages - a group could sue someone for hurting them, even without proving actual damages. So, as the example given is, someone who says "the Haredim spread Corona" could be sued, or if the report states " a Haredi criminal did..." the reporter could be sued.
Eichler says this law would force reporters and media sites and companies to be more careful with what they say and how they report, to not generalize and stereotype Haredim or any other group.
Whenever something like this comes up it makes me wonder how "Haredi" (or any other group) would be defined legally. Meaning, if someone says Haredim spread Corona, could I sue? Can my secular cousin claim he is Haredi and sue? How do they determine who has the right to sue? Do you even need to be Haredi, or claim to be, to sue or can anyone sue?
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