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Proposed Law: No More Nazis in Israel

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

Almost every hafgana ends having protesters calling members of the security forces "Nazi". Of course it is reprehensible, but it seems to happen over and over again. The protesters do it probably because they think it is a sure way of getting under their skin, with a sharp insult like that. Maybe a few of such protesters even believe it, in some demented way. Otherwise, why would some people hurl such an insult when it seems so obvious that this is a word or expression that should be kept from being abused like this?
Either this might soon come to an end or a lot more people will end up in jail.
Yesterday the Ministerial Legislative Committee approved a proposed law that would make it illegal to call anyone "Nazi". Actually, it would be illegal to make use of any symbols or Nazi-like nicknames. This crime would be punishable by half a year of prison and a 100,000NIS fine.
The law was proposed by MK Shimon Ohayoun (Likud Beyteynu), and it passed yesterday in the committee and will now be prepared for reading in the Knesset.
Ohayoun says about the proposal that there has been an increase in Neo-Nazi activity using Nazi symbols all around the world, and this presents a great danger to Jews everywhere, but as long as it is not illegal in Israel, it is difficult for Israel to complain to foreign entities about these issues.

Proposed Law: no more Nazis in Israel

no more protests like this

The law would make it illegal to use the word nazi or any other name that was used for Nazism or for the forces in the Third Reich. It would be illegal to use the terms and symbols both verbally and in writing. It would be illegal to use them against a person, a group of people or against organizations and corporations. It would also be illegal to use the imagery of the striped uniforms of the prisoners in the concentration camps, the yellow stars, along with the swastika or any other symbol connected to Nazism.
Ohayoun explained that the terms have been creeping in to daily use and it is unacceptable. It is degrading to the sensitivities of the survivors and their descendants.
(source: Ynet)
The protesters at such hafganot are going to have to find a way to change their style completely... At least, if the law will pass, we won't have to suffer the images and chilul hashem of hafganot against the government using Nazi imagery, as has happened a number of times, which is even worse than the "random" calling "Nazi" at a policeman..

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