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Proposed Law: More Vacation Days

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The new Knesset just got started in its work, and already there have been a slew of new law proposals announced to be submitted.
One of them was announced today by MK Rachel Azaria (Kulanu Kahlon) that will make employees very happy.
Azaria is proposing to increase the number of vacation days per year for every employee, even starting from the first year of employment in a job. This proposal has MKs from both the coalition and the opposition signed on to it.
Azaria proposes that employers will have to give employees 21 vacation days per year, starting from the first year of employment, and in every subsequent year that number will increase - 23 in the 2nd year, 25 in the 3rd, and then each subsequent year would add another day per year until the maximum of 28 per year is reached.. That is a big change from the 10 vacation days granted by law as of right now, with it going up only after 5 years of employment.
Azaria points to changes in the workforce with increased turnover of the employees - it used to be people would work in just one or two jobs throughout their lifetime, but now people change jobs very frequently. The workforce is more flexible and less stable.
source: NRG
I'm not quite sure what the higher turnover rate has to do with increased vacation days, but employees will be happy about it.
This reminds me of the story of Levi Eshkol (and some relate it to David Ben Gurion).. someone proposed to him to change the Israeli work week to 5 days a week, rather than 6. Eshkol supposedly responded, first let's have everyone work 1 day a week. Then we'll advance to 2, eventually 3.. and eventually we will hopefully even get to 5 days a week.
We have so many vacation days built into the system already, with all our holidays, that I cannot imagine employers being happy about this...
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