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Proposed Law: Left Your Kid in the Car?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
MK Yofat Shasha Biton (Kulanu) has submitted a law proposal by which educational institutions will call parents of kids who did not arrive at school. The law would be relevant for children from day care ages until age 6. Teachers or other employees of the institution will have to call one of the parents to find out how the child is doing within one hour of the school beginning its activities.
Shasha-Biton adds that this law will not relieve the parents of their responsibility, but it will help prevent such tragedies from happening.
source: NRG
obviously this is not a full solution. Children are not in school all year round, and not always is a child left in the car and forgotten instead of going to school. However, it is a significant portion of the year, and probably of the cases that do happen.
Will schools need to hire another employee to make these calls? If a teacher is supposed to be teaching, how will she make the calls? Will the teachers update the main office in real-time as to which children have not yet arrived and a secretary will then begin calling the parents of all those children?
If it passes and saves even one child it will have been worth it.
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