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Proposed Law: Hospital Parking Lots

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
MK Omer Yankelovitch (Kachol Lavan) has proposed a law that would put an end to the exorbitant parking fees collected in hospital parking lots.
Yankelovitch is proposing that the Ministers of Health and of Transportation should, together I guess, set the maximum limit that hospitals are allowed to charge for parking. The Ministry of Health has previously determined that hospitals should charge no more than 20nis per day for parking, yet the hospitals ignore the unenforced directives and charge exorbitant prices. Her proposal is that parking fees should be limited to 15nis per hour and 40nis per day.
As the occasional consumer of hospital parking, thankfully not often, I concur that they charge ridiculously high parking fees, and are basically taking advantage of a captive, and often desperate, public that has no other choice.. 
source: Haredim10
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