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Proposed Law: Funding for Joint Lists

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
MK Yoav Kisch (Likud) has proposed a law that would cut government funding of political party lists that are constituted of three or more parties united together under one list. If three parties merge that is one party, but three parties that join to run together on one list for a specific election are still considered three separate parties and would qualify for less funding. Three or more parties running on one list would only qualify, by this law proposal, for the funding of two parties.
The target of this proposal is the United Arab List, made of four parties running on a joint list - Chadash, Balad, Raam, and Taal.
Kisch explains that his proposal is meant to prevent parties from turning the list into a shopping list of sorts in which all the parties have to take the position of the most extreme among them in order to keep peace on the list rather than each party sticking to its own agendas and positions. Allowing this is basically allowing them to deceive the public as to the positions they will work for.
Obviously the various Arab MKs did not like this proposal and spoke out against it.
The Israel Institute of Democracy opposes it as it considers this proposal a personal proposal, considering there is only one list in the Knesset that this would affect. They also suggest that allowing the joint list is really just a step to a greater goal of encouraging the various parties to merge into bigger parties which would be better for the political system.
source: Maariv
I too do not like law proposals, or laws, that are directed at one specific person or party. I think they should ban joint lists altogether. Either merge or run on your own platform. Win your Knesset seat on your own merits.
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