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Proposed Law: Forced Draft of Workers in Case of Outbreak

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The government has proposed a law that would allow the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare (currently Itzik Shmuli) to "draft" a workforce of workers, even against their will, in the event of an outbreak of CoronaVirus.
the Minister could, should he feel it necessary, declare a state of emergency and order a forced draft of workers for essential factories and production lines or for providing necessary services.
According to MAKO News, the purpose of this is to ensure enough workers for essential services in fields of the public healthcare systems.
The obvious questions are who is going to pay these workers, and if they are taken out of other jobs in the private sector, what happens with their regular jobs when they are taken, and I assume will they get paid their regular salaries or some sort of minimum wage form the government. This is sort of like an emergency draft for reserve duty in case of possible war, but for workers.
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