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Proposed Law: Firing a City Rabbi

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs Rav Eli Ben Dahan is proposing a law, in cooperation with Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau, by which it will be possible to remove a city rabbi from his position if it is deemed that he is not functioning or is not fulfilling his responsibilities.
The Minister of Religious Affairs will not just be able to fire the rabbi, but will appoint a committee composed of a dayan, a different city rabbi and a legal counsel who will look into complaints about the rabbi and into his performance. They will then make a recommendation to the Minister, who will be able to fire the rabbi based on their recommendation.The rabbi would first be given a disciplinary hearing, and would not immediately be fired.
The purpose of the law is to improve religious services for the people. The number of complaints about non-functioning city rabbis has supposedly climbed in recent years.
(source: Srugim)
I hope this will be used properly and not just used as a way of getting rid of rabbis that the minister in office doesn't like or agree with.
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