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Proposed Law: Drive a Mitsubishi

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Alex Goldfarb was a Member of Knesset back int he early 90s, serving as a member of the Tzomet party headed by Raful Eitan. After some dispute with Eitan, in 1994 Goldfarb and a couple other MKs broke off from the party and formed their own independent party called Yiud.
At the time, Yitzchak Rabin was Prime Minister of Israel and had begun the process of the Oslo Accords. After Shas left the government (yes, Shas was in the Labor-led government coalition that also included Meretz, despite the way they talk today. UTJ did not join the coalition as Rav Shach was opposed to them cooperating and sitting with Shulamit Aloni who led Meretz at the time) after fighting with Aloni and trying to get her fired, unsuccessfully. They abstained form the vote on the Oslo Accords (rather than voting against), and the vote passed. Proposed Law: drive a Mitsubishi
In 1995 when it was time to vote on the second stage of the Oslo Accords, Goldfarb, a member of the coalition, was threatening to vote again and Rabin bought his vote by promising him a Mitsubishi with a driver.
MK Itamar Ben Gvir (Hatzionut Hadatit) has now proposed a law that would have Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and other ministers from the Yamina party drive only government-issue Mitsubishi cars and no other brand as befitting a politician who sells his ideals for a position of authority - in accordance with the Goldfarb precedent.source: Actualic
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