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Proposed Law: Army Evaders to Have Academic Subsidies Cut

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

We've heard a lot over the past year or two about cutting budgets from yeshivas or students that avoid army service, below certain percentages of the student body - both in coming legislation and the demand for it.
The discussion and legality will now move form solely being in the arena of the Haredi students and move to also deal with the university student community.
MK Yoni Shetboun (Habayit Hayehudi) has proposed a law by which the government will cut any academic  subsidies from students who evaded army service.  
Currently, any student who is studying in a university that is government funded enjoys subsidies for his tuition. The student pays about 10000NIS for the academic year, and the State pays the rest, about double what the student paid. If Shetboun's proposal will pass, army evaders will not get that subsidy, making university study very expensive.
The law passed its vote in the legislative committee by an overwhelming majority, and will be prepared for voting in the Knesset.
(source: Ynet)
This is one of the deficiencies of having a draft - it prevents anyone and everyone from moving on in life, until they fulfill that obligation. But if there is going to be a draft, and if there is going to be reprisals against some who evade service, it is fair that the reprisals are in place for anyone who evades service.

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