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Proper Security for Gun Shops

Posted on the 31 August 2011 by Mikeb302000
The Los Angeles Times reports
The blue-and-white 1984 Chevrolet van, reported stolen Saturday evening from Bellflower, was used as a battering ram for would-be thieves to break into the store in an attempt to steal firearms and ammunition, investigators said. But detectives said the store owners were aware of the potential for such a theft and had taken extraordinary security measures to protect their store and merchandise. Bars and protective casings kept the burglars from accessing the firearms, authorities said.
In a case like this we applaud the store owner for having taken "extraordinary security measures." In the other cases, then, isn't it fair to blame the store owner for not having done so?
My opinion is precautions like reinforced security bars or huge vaults to put the merchandise in at night should not be optional. These should be the minimum requirement.  But, as usual the gun crowd doesn't want to be constrained to do anything, that would be an infringement.  The result is only a tiny percentage are truly responsible. I'm glad to report on one of those today.
The idea of shared responisbility in cases like this is simple. If you make the theft of a gun easy, you share in the responsibility for that theft and its consequences.
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