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Proof Yated is More Liberal Than Hamodia

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I think the Yated must be undergoing some changes...and becoming more liberal in the process. they are now at least more liberal than the Hamodia newspaper. They will soon be going out on a marketing campaign billing themselves as the newspaper for the liberal Haredi.
How do I know this, you ask?
A few months ago Hamodia printed an image of a drawer of shoes with the womens shoes edited out. While the policy had been to blur out images of women, they took it to the next level when they edited out the shoes.
Yated Neeman however printed the following picture in their newspaper yesterday.
proof Yated is more liberal than Hamodia
If you look carefully and pay attention to the details, you might notice that they took a picture and swapped out a female protester for a male protester. Though they swapped out the protester, they left the original lady's shoes.
So, Hamodia wont print pictures of womens shoes, but Yated will. Clearly yated is more liberal than Hamodia!
(hattip on catching the Yated mistake to photographer Yaakov Lederman)
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