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Proof US Staged MH17 False Flag To Blame Russia? (Videos)

Posted on the 24 July 2014 by Susanduclos @SusanDuclos
By Susan Duclos

Proof US Staged MH17 False Flag To Blame Russia? (Videos)

Interesting angle by Sherrie QuestioningAll which connects the hacked emails reported on in March 2014, about setting up a false flag in Ukraine to blame Russia so the US can become involved in military action against Russia, to the present day events where Malaysia Flight MH17 was shot down with the instant blame being cast upon Russia.

 Via my article from March which garnered nearly 60,000 hits, titled "Proof US Staging False Flag For WW3 Kickoff With Russia (Video)."

Hacked emails to and from US Army Attache Assistant in Kiev Jason Gresh with Ukrainian General Staff Igor Protsyk, discuss plans to arrange a massive attack on transport hubs and Ukrainian military bases in order to “frame-up the neighbor,” and “create favorable conditions for Pentagon to act.”
The emails from Igor are in Russian, so the link is here for anyone that reads Russian but the email from US Army Attache Assistant in Kiev Jason Gresh is in English and the ramifications of it are enormous.
Events are moving rapidly in Crimea. Our friends in Washington expect more decisive actions from your network.
I think it’s time to implement the plan we discussed lately. Your job is to cause some problems to the transport hubs in the south-east in order to frame-up the neighbor.
It will create favorable conditions for Pentagon and the Company to act.
Do not waste time, my friend.
Jason P. Gresh
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army
Assistant Army Attaché
U.S. Embassy, Kyiv
Tankova 4, Kyiv, Ukraine 04112
(380-44) 521 – 5444 | Fax (380-44) 521 – 5636

Jump forward to present day and watch the video below as Sherrie connects the dots, using the links below from her video details:
Previous information about MH17:
- Russia PROVING Ukraine shot down plane through satellite images http://sherriequestioningall.blogspot...
Bombshell - Air Traffic Controller in Kiev said Ukrainian military shot down plane
Absolute Reason why the U.S. could have been behind the shooting down of MH17
Missile Guidance system intercepted in Finland going to Ukraine from Vietnam
Ukraine routed MH 17 through War Zone, not normal route and had them fly lower than they requested
No other countries are blaming Russia for MH17 except the U.S., U.K. and Australia

The second video below is my original video on the Proof a false flag was being planned, via the original hacked emails.

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