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PromoRepublic Review: Is It Best Social Media Marketing Software ?

Posted on the 10 June 2020 by Jyoti92 @Jyoti_Chauhan1

PromoRepublic Review: How does it automate your social media pages for maximum engagement?

Can its content editor truly eliminate the need of a graphic designer?

Well, we’ll see.

But, for now, this PromoRepublic review wouldn’t be a waste of your time if:

  • You manage even a single social media page.
  • You wish to be consistent on social media.
  • You need personalized, automated post-ideas to magically appear.
  • You wish to generate sales or traffic from your social media pages.
  • You wish to design professional content, without being (or hiring) a professional designer.
  • You believe in A.I.
  • You’re an agency and wish to increase your client-base with your “own” SMM tool.

Get this, I’m not saying you should start using PromoRepublic.

This just is a review. A transparent, honest insight into the tool.

If you feel it serves your interests, go with it.

If not, I’ve included “interesting information”  which will be of help to you anyway.

PromoRepublic Review: What is PromoRepublic?

It’s a social media automation tool.  (And, a lot more, as I later discovered.)

It lets us schedule social media pages.

Currently, the following social media channels can be managed using PromoRepublic:


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • And Google My Business.

It includes two exclusive features which grant it an edge over its competitors.

A.I-powered, perfectly timed posts for maximum engagement being the first. (Explained in detail in the later sections.)

Secondly, an easy to use, drag & drop, fully-featured graphic-creator and content builder.

It also offers over 100,000+ pre-designed content templates ready to use.

PDF reports, white-labelled tool, invite-features, auto-repeated posts are some other features it boasts of.

Seems intriguing? Do continue.


I pay special attention to the UI.

How easy to understand and use is the tool? That’s what I cover in this section.

Once you login to your account, this is what you’ll be seeing:

PromoRepublic User Interface

Basically, there are just two primary sections.

The top-bar.

And, the centre-screen.

The top-bar holds links to all the other pages/tools that PromoRepublic offers. Including:

  • Calendar
  • Post Ideas
  • Editor
  • Statistics
  • And Services.

(I’ve reviewed each of these tools individually in the later sections on this PromoRepublic review).

The centre-screen can be used to connect your pages.

Once you do connect one (or more) of your pages. The dashboard slightly changes.

Here’s what’s shown after a successful page-connect.

Schedule post

So now, there’s a left-sidebar.

It lists all the pages you’ve connected, or can connect in the future.

The centre-screen is your checklist/post-list. All your scheduled/automated posts appear here.

It also automatically suggests the best types of content to post on your page(s).

In my case, it suggested me “educational”, “promotional” and “motivational” posts. (Based on my page’s previous content.)

Did you notice how the best times to post each of those contents is mentioned as well?

Clicking on either suggestion brings up pre-designed post-ideas and content templates!

pre designed post ideas to schedule

Well, that’s impressive.

You can use the top-bar here to sort your posts based on specific dates as well.

So far, I doubt the interface is the least-bit confusing?


One of the primary features that PromoRepublic offers is its “Post Ideas”.

We can’t always come up with relevant content.

When we do, it may not be as engaging, eye-catching or effective.

Well, PromoRepublic claims to have a database of over 100,000+ pre-designed content templates and ideas.

All of PromoRepublic’s post ideas also seem to be designed by professionals.

Here’s what the Post Ideas page looks like:

Promorepublic Post Ideas

As is evident, a number of categories are automatically suggested on the top-bar. These include:

  • Upcoming events: It automatically detects the upcoming events (g. Mother’s day) and suggests relevant templates/content ideas.
  • Animated ideas.
  • Even links to “articles” you can read for more ideas.
  • Quotes etc.

In fact, there’s a “more” button which reveals more categories such as Facebook covers, did you know facts, charity, tips, greetings etc.

I also spotted a search-bar which can be used to directly search for templates.

Promorepublic Search Bar

Additionally, quite a few of these ideas even come with pre-written captions.

How do you use any of these templates?

That brings us to the next section on this PromoRepublic review.

Drag & Drop Live Graphics Editor

Without doubt, my personal favorite feature with PromoRepublic.

Content creation for social media platform almost always requires a graphic editor.

Some of you may even be using paid editors.

However, PromoRepublic includes a free graphics editor on all its plans.

From the post-ideas page, simply click on a template to start editing it.

This is what the editor looks like:

Promorepublic Drag & drop live graphics editor

The tabs on the left are pretty self-explanatory, aren’t they?

The “ideas” button displays pre-designed templates you can use.

The “Backgrounds” obviously is for the backgrounds which can be used in these templates.

“Objects” lets us insert shapes, ribbons, speech bubbles, web icons, word stickers etc.

Then there’s the “text” and “saved” buttons.

Obviously, you can upload your own images/elements/logos using the “Uploads” button.

It literally took me less than 2 minutes to get this next design done:

Promorepublic Review

The editor is completely drag & drop.

Every single object/element is 100% free.

Moreover, the properties for all the elements can be adjusted individually as well. (E.g. brightness, colours, size, rotation etc).

And, it offers over 11 different layouts and sizes for our templates.

These include Instagram post, Instagram story, Linkedin Post, Pinterest graphic, Facebook post, Twitter post, Facebook ad etc.

PromoRepublic Review: Is It Best Social Media Marketing Software ?

This ensures your graphic utilizes 100% of the screen-space any of those platforms allow.

Obviously, custom sizes can be specified as well.

And, you can download the posts instead of publishing them right away.

Another minor feat the tool achieved is its lag-free experience for the editor. Generally, online editors seem pretty choppy. This one doesn’t.

Scheduling/automating posts

The primary feature PromoRepublic offers is “Post scheduling”.

Why schedule?

For one, you only require one content-creation session.

Then, “live life” the rest of the day or week (or month?).

It also frees up more time so you can actually engage/interact with your followers.

More time= more creativity = better content = more engagement = more sales.

In simpler words? Posting more frequently will increase your overall engagement.

increase your overall engagement

So, you can either create your posts using the live editor we just discussed.

Or, upload your own photo/video or gif. (By clicking on the “create” button on the top-bar).

And then, here’s the scheduling interface.

schedule post

Simply set a date and time you’d like your post to go live.

(Notice that “repeat” slider? That’s a feature I’ll discuss next in this PromoRepublic review.)

You can also schedule the same post to be published on multiple social networks at the same time!

What I didn’t like?

You can only publish posts after downloading the PromoRepublic Notifier on your mobile devices.

PromoRepublic doesn’t seem to be at fault though.

Instagram simply doesn’t allow completely automated posts. And hence, this manual approval is required.

Repeating posts

Did you know that a very small fraction of your followers actually get to see your posts on their feed?

The only way to reach them all, is to re-share.

Is it worth it?

Well, according to this report, Instagram  has a 4-12x better engagement rate than any other social media platform out there!

You tell me then, is it worth it? (At least for Instagram, I’d say yes.)

If you think it is, PromoRepublic’s “Repeat post” feature is exactly for you.

When scheduling a new post, simply slide the “Repeat this post” slider to right.

This will bring up the “repeat” interface.

PromoRepublic Review: Is It Best Social Media Marketing Software ?

Set a repeat-frequency. It can either be “Daily” or “Weekly”.

If you select “Weekly” the tool allows choosing the exact days when you wish to repeat the post.

A.I based Timeslots

This is one of the most advanced features that PromoRepublic offers.

It has this Smart A.I which monitors your posts.

And then, determines the most engaging time based on previous performances.

Social media “best times to post” is a real-thing.

However, it differs for each industry and niche.

More importantly, it’s also based on each profile’s individual follower-database (their jobs/ off-days and so on).

There’s no point in posting a content today, when it can generate double or more engagement if simply posted at a different time.

Hence, the A.I doesn’t assign one standard “best time”.

Rather generates the best time  exclusive and personal to your profile/business.

Moreover, these times auto-adjust as your engagement changes.

When on autopilot, the time can’t be manually specified (obviously).

This also takes off the scheduling-job off your hands. Let A.I work for you, eh?

Visual Content on request

Not exactly a “feature”, more of a service.

You may not be a designer.

But, your audience care not. They do need professional, engaging, conversion-optimized visual content.


PromoRepublic has this “Services” link on the top-bar.

Clicking on it takes us to a “service” page.

We can then request content with our branding on it.

The templates are reusable so get them designed once, and use as many times as you see fit.

Advanced “Professional” features.

PromoRepublic has this other plan called “Professional”.

It offers a number of additional features.

Best suited for those which small-medium sized teams.

Or Social Media Marketing companies who manage pages for clients.

Let’s see what additional benefits are offered?

Invite members/clients.

This basically allows us to share our PromoRepublic account with the others.

However, we can limit their access.

Currently, three roles are available:

  • Admin
  • Member
  • And Client.

You can choose which of your members can view, edit or save their own ideas to your account.

You can also choose if you wish to request approval for a content from your invited clients.

This not only increases professionalism, but also increase the quality of the overall content that goes out.

What’s unique on this PromoRepulic review is, it’s the only tool which allows for “limited client access”.

Your clients do not get access to the data of other clients.

Personally? I’m impressed.

“My Ideas” feature

This is a feature which lets us create and “save” content.

The content can be tagged, linked to a workspace, but more importantly, shared with the other members/clients.

It isn’t possible with the Standard package.

PDF reports

If you manage clients, nothing speaks as loud for your performance than easy-to-understand reports, don’t you agree?

Even without clients, reports are my favorite mode of data-consumption.

PromoRepublic has this “Analytics” feature on the top-bar.

(Exclusively in the “Professional” plan).

It breaks down everything, which includes:

PromoRepublic Review: Is It Best Social Media Marketing Software ?

  • Total followers
  • Total engagement
  • of published posts.
  • of likes/comments.
  • Average posts/day.

The metrics may differ slightly based on the social-media channel you’re generating the report for.

However, the overall idea remains the same.

This report can be exported in a single-click.

It’s generated in a PDF format, and is extremely easy to share, as well as understand.

Note that even the “Standard” plan offers stats. However, it’s not as detailed as with this “Professional” plan.


The only aspect I feel could use an improvement is its support.

Well, it does offer live-chat.

And the response is pretty fast. Nearly instant.

However, it’s not offered 24X7.  Rather, it’s 24X5.

In other words, it’s not available on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).

Although, an extremely detailed social media marketing course sure is offered. This includes topics such as “Building a Personal Brand”, “Content Creation”, “Basic Promotion Techniques” and many others.

It won’t make you a SMM-whiz, but, does offer enlightening (and easily understandable) data.

White-Labelled Solution

Wish to invite your clients to “your” tool?

Without telling them you’re using PromoRepublic?

Well, that’s possible.

PromoRepublic offers a white-label service.

The tool is completely branded with your own logo and colors.

It’s also hosted o a domain you choose.

All the features still exist, they just are “yours” now.

PromoRepublic Pricing and free trial

Well yes, the company does offer a 14-day free trial.

It doesn’t ask for credit/debit cards or any other payment mode to be connected.

It truly is 100% free. And, it’s fully-featured as well. No feature-limitations exist.

As for the paid plans, there are three:

  • Soloprenuer: $9.00/month- 3 social media pages.
  • Standard: $49.00/month- 3 Social media pages , 2 members.
  • Professional: $99.00/month- 30 social media pages, 15 members.

The other major differences between the plans have been mentioned in this PromoRepublic review above.

PromoRepublic also offers a 20% discount if you pay for your plans yearly!

Payments can be made using Credit cards and PayPal.

The company offers no refunds whatsoever and that’s a bit of a disappointment.

But then again, wouldn’t you agree 14-days of free trial is pretty practical and enough to learn, test and use the tool?

PromoRepublic Pros and Cons

Lastly for this PromoRepublic review, let’s talk of its Pros and Cons.


  • Suggests automated, personalized post-ideas.
  • Advanced graphic-creation tool.
  • Uses A.I to maximum engagement.
  • 14-day free trial.


  • No refunds.
  • No live-chat on weekends.

Final Verdict- PromoRepublic Review

What’s my final impression of PromoRepublic?

I’d say it seems to solve more than one problems.

In fact, all the steps from A-Z are taken care of.

Post ideas get us started even when we don’t have any of our own.

The graphic creator then can be used to create the content.

These can then be scheduled using the scheduler.

The A.I time-slot management takes care of the post-timings and brings in most engagement.

And finally, the repeat-post feature lets us leverage a post’s full potential.

So yes, I think it deserves a try at the least.

Sure, I do have my complaints as well.

The supports should’ve been 24X7.  But, not many other red-flags in my opinion.

Anyway, that’s it for this PromoRepublic review folks. I’d love to read your opinion on the tool, do use the comment-box.

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