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Prom Outfit Ideas

By Dressmeupbuttercup @hazelsalcedo

Prom is probably one of the highlights of my high school years. And now that prom season is here, it kinda makes me reminisce about that time in my life (ermygosh, was it really already 7 years ago??). Ohwell, before I get all mushy and sentimental here, let me share these prom idea sets I made in Polyvore.

Prom Idea

A modern take on the vintage lace design. I like the classic vibe of this set.

Prom Idea

For the edgy and rock-chic gal. If you have some bad-ass reputation in HS, might as well also dress up for the part.

Prom Idea

Pastel colors for the sweet and reserved ones.

Anyway, I’m curious! How was your own prom experience? Share in the comment section below!

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