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Project Runway: Recap Mondays - Episode 9

By Kena @campchic

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Well, I am going to jump right in and give the disclaimer of a *spoiler alert* right now. If you don't want to know who was kicked off of PR last week, please do not continue reading. I was rooting for this person to go. If I had to listen to is whinnying one more time about working with "large people" I was going to boycott watching Project Runway. Olivier Green is the 9th designer to leave the show and good ridden to him. Don't get me wrong he's a super talented designer...I mean did you see the jacket he made on episode 7, stunning! However he continually put a bad taste in my mouth after his non stop complaining of working with "large people". Again I say "who does this kid think he's designing clothes for the Care Bears".  Although the Care Bears would probably be a little too round for him. Their positive attitudes would keep them from putting Mr. Green in his place.

The challenge this week: outfitting the up and coming rock band - The Sheepdogs! I love seeing the PR Designers working with clients because it's real life in the fashion industry. I wasn't too thrilled with many of the looks but then I'm not really into literal interpretation of  70's fashion. All the Designers put their own spin on the 70's rock and roll look.  Bert brought his A game this week. Yay Bert! Viktor continues to impress and is proving to be a major competitor. Michael Kors made a "funny" about Laura's design looking a little Sweeny Todd-esque. Kimberly struggled with this week's challenge as she has never made Men's clothing before. Boy did it show. Her outfit reminded me of Fred Flintstone - not a good look. I'm not worried about Kimberly, she's an amazing experienced Designer and will have no problem mastering Menswear in the near future. Until next week Campers!

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 Out: Olivier Green

 In:  Viktor Luna

Winning Look: Viktor Luna



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