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Project Runway: Recap Mondays - Episode 6

By Kena @campchic

What does avant-garde and children have in common? Apparently it makes for the perfect combination for the 6th challenge on PR. The Designers were tasked with creating a painting with the children from Harlem School of the Arts. They then had to take the painting and use it as their main source of inspiration for their Avant-Garde pieces. This really opened up pandora's box of  the Designers avant-garde interpretation, which wasn't at all inspiring. Avant-Garde is very beautiful and theatrical without being overwhelming. Think Christian Sirano from season 4 - now there's PR Designer that understood Avant-Garde. Not like Bert's attempt at the "couture clown suit" or at least that's what I've dubbed it. I still believe in Bert's talent but I really want to see him step up is game over the next several weeks. Laura Kathleen's dress was another nightmare. Although the construction was beautiful the color made me want to cry. No women is in the market for a creamsicle colored dress. Olivier Green's creation looked like he had given up mid-design. He also received a talking-to by Tim Gunn for gluing the top of  his dress to his model. I loved how shocked Olivier acted, as if gluing one's garment onto your model is completely normal. Victor Luna had some pretty funny lines referring to the trims on Becky's dress as "little boxes left over that FedEx forgot to ship".  I called the winner of this challenge as soon as I saw the dress I said...."love i that's the wining look"! There were some issues with the winning looking but it was slim pickens for the Judges. Here's hoping next weeks episodes proves to be a bit more exciting!

Episode Link Here: episode 6

 *Spoiler Alert Below*



Out: Joshua C. 

 In:  Anthony Ryan 

Winning Look: Anthony Ryan



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