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Project Runway: Recap Mondays - Episode 5

By Kena @campchic


Good Evening My Darlings! Did any of you catch PR last Thursday? Was it me or did the Designers claws come out. I mean what's up with Joshua McKinley he was a bit nasty to Becky and without cause (not that I advocate being nasty for any reason). I wasn't too impressed with any of the collections in fact I found them rather boring. The only highlight of the show is when adorable Olivier Green bit it on the track and then passed out (I replayed his fall about 5 times while laughing) from a panic attack. Cecilia Motwani bounced from Project Runway as she didn't feel it was for her, in walks Joshua Christensen as her replacement. We'll see if Joshua C. can make it this time around. Even though the Designer clothes were all pretty underwhelming, I still found enjoyment in Bert! He didn't have the best outfit this week but he always stays true to his vision and doesn't let anyone talk him out of it. I guess thats the kind of confidence you get when you've worked for brilliant design houses like HALSTON!

Here's the link to Episode 5!






 Anya Ayoung Chee's winning look                             Viktor Luna's winning look


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