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Project Runway: Recap Mondays - Episode 10

By Kena @campchic

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This week's episode of PR should have been called "That 70's Show". Yep the Designers took us way back into the 70's. Some of the pieces they created should have never resurfaced in 2011. I almost passed out after seeing Joshua McKinley horrible plaid pants. How on God's green earth did he think any women in her right mind would want to rock a ill fitting pair  black & white plaid trousers. They were horrible!  I was also very confused by Laura Kathleen's ensemble. I mean chevron stripes and florals never go together unless you're thinking about reprising Marsh Brady's role on the Brady Bunch. Bert however did me proud this week! LOVE! Both of his designs were phenomenal! The BIG highlight of the show is when Anya lost her money at Mood Fabrics and had to depend on the other Designers good grace for extra money. She ended up borrowing $11.32 to pay for her 1 yard of fabric. I must say she was pretty resourceful in creating a garment that was runway ready. Once again Viktor delivered my favorite line on PR and I quote "I'm not driving Miss Daisy anymore, you do it".  His comment was referring to helping out Joshua M. with design ideas. LOL! Viktor is slowing becoming one of my faves on this season of PR!

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Out: Anthony Ryan Auld

 In:  Anya Ayoung Chee

 Winning Look:  Anya Ayoung Chee


 Winning Look: Bert Keeter


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