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Project Runway: Recap - Episode 11

By Kena @campchic

Bye bye Bert! So my man Bert was booted off of PR and I almost shed a tear. Then I realized......there's no crying for a man that worked for Halston! Bert will be fine! He won't have any problem landing a job with another legendary fashion house.  I can't believe I am saying this but I was on Joshua M. side this week. I completely agree with his complaints about Anya's never ending winning streak. I think Ayan is very beautiful and has great design ideas creatively but she is definitely a bit challenged in the execution department. The dress she designed was aesthetically impressive however her construction was not. I mean how am I suppose to purchase a dress from her collection when I have to literally be cut out of the dress once I'm done wearing it. Could you imagine being on date wearing a dress like that? "Excuse Mr. Hottie, I must use the ladies room."  "Do you happen to have a needle and tread on you".  "I will need you sew me back up in my dress in about 10 min." Suffice to say you probably won't be getting a second date with "Mr. Hottie"......unless Mr. Hottie has a knotty side. Kimberly brought her "A game" with designing a second dress in less than 3 hours. The finish product ....EPIC! I give it 1 month before you see other mainstream Designers knocking-off her powerful creation. Once again we saw "the lack there of" regarding Laura's taste level. I don't doubt she's a very talented Designer. I just don't get the "WOW" factor from her designs. Now that Bert is gone, I'm switching my affections towards Kimberly and Viktor. I would be completely thrilled if either one of them take home PR title! Only 2 more episodes before we know the answer.

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Ayna's Winning Look


My pick for the winning look - Kimberly


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