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Project Fairy Tale Wrap-Up

By Beautybutafunnygirl @beutybutfunygrl
Project Fairy Tale Wrap-Up
Project Fairy Tale has come to an end. I had a lot of fun doing it, but part of me feels a little cheated.
King Arthur novels are a little tricky. They were either very serious in their writing - more scholarly than pleasurable - or they were for little kids. Other books that I thought sounded interesting were unattainable, one way or other. Oh, well. I found, and got to rewatch, some really great movies. Now I just know to skip the King Arthur books and head straight for the movies. (Oh, God... did I just say that?!)
It was by no means a total loss. Yes, I found some books that I wasn't fond of, but I got to try them for myself and that counts for something. I got to branch out of my safety-genres and try some new things. Besides, I got to read my fellow bloggers posts and find some new re-tellings of some of my favorite stories that I want to read as well.
I want to thank The Cheap Reader for hosting this project and all the bloggers who participated. To see those who participated and to read their postings, click here.
If I missed some awesome King Arthur books - which I feel I did - feel free to let me know!

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