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By Kena @campchic


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It looks like another Project (fill in blank) show is on its way. Project Accessory will feature guessed it Accessory Designers. The Designers will be faced with creating one-of-a-kind jewelry, belts, bags, shoes, and headpieces. I am actually VERY excited to see this show as you all know my affinity for Designer handbags!  I'm thinking about pitching another "Project" show called Project Build a Man! It a show where 15 single women get to build the perfect man. What's the prize from Project Build Man? I am glad you asked. The winner gets to select a Man from all the other contestant's Men.  Your fellow competitor puts in all the hard work of building the perfect Man and you reap the benefits. I don't know sounds pretty good to me. I might be lobbying for it once Project Accessory concludes.



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