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By Imagineer @ImagineerTeam

Well, I can only hope that I’m making some progress!  Getting your ebooks out there is one thing – getting some interest is another matter.  It is a shame that so few people who download ebooks are willing to provide some feedback on them.  I have to wonder how many such ebooks are ever actually read.  I’ve certainly had a respectable number of my own ebooks downloaded.  In fact, To Sail The Dark Sea has been downloaded more than 100 times from Smashwords alone.  And In Night’s Shadows isn’t far behind.

This blog is also gaining more and more followers, which is great.  Of course, it would be nice to gain even more but that takes time, of course.  As a matter of interest, if all those who follow me on Twitter followed this blog, that would be over 800 straight away.  Of course, there are complications as to how many followers the blog has.  Followers who also have blogs can follow simply by clicking on a link.  It’s safe to assume that they are counted.  I have to also assume that anybody who signs up to follow by email is counted too.  The truth is, however, I’m not altogether sure how many followers the blog really has!

As you can see from the sidebar, my presence, and that of Imagineer, is spread quite widely across various sites, especially the major social networks.  This is all essential.  Getting noticed is vital.  With traditional books, authors have the advantage of being able to do things like book signings, appearances on TV/radio or at other special events.  All wonderful publicity.  I also suspect that newspapers and magazines are more receptive to traditionally published authors.  Getting ebooks noticed is a far tougher proposition.  It crossed my mind that getting my ebooks onto Amazon would help, but from what I’ve seen, that’s not true.  If you have never done so – take a look at just how many pages of free ebooks Amazon lists!

For now, I’ll plod on in the way I’ve been going.  With a zero budget, there really isn’t any alternative.  There’s progress, and I can only hope that it will continue, and maybe even increase.  It would help, of course, if every reader were to share, either the blog posts or the links to my ebooks.

~ Steve

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