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Progress Notes: Patient 540463, Obama, Barack H.

Posted on the 18 September 2013 by Hughvw
9/18/18 Patient has suffered a severe setback after learning that the GOP has announced a new  health reform bill, much cheaper and vastly more practical than ObamaCare. The three blind mice he was hallucinating that were following him around  instantly  morphed  into a high-kicking chorus of visually-impaired rodents linking arms and  singing " One... singular Sensation.."   I am at a loss what to do with patient now that his paranoia has returned.  I was in consulting with him when Vlad Putin called (he never misses a chance to twist the knife.  "Obamavitch! He greeted patient loudly.  How do you like your new  meese?
"Mouses, Vlad," Patient replied. "Errr.. I mean mice. And what do you know about my mice?
"Bwaaaahh! ha! ha! said Putin.  " I've seen Chorus Line, as you have,  Obamavitch, except I was not hallucinating"
Patient turned to me. "This is scary stuff, doctor, how does he know about the  meese...moose...mice? "
I made comforting noises to patient and jabbed him with a shot of tranquilizer to calm him down. I will return in the morning to assess him again. 

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