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Progress Notes for Patient 540463, OBAMA Barack, H.

Posted on the 27 February 2014 by Hughvw
2/27/14:  My hypnotherapy session with Patient seems to have worked a little too well. I just had a  call from Valerie Jarrett who is worried that patient may start World War 3 with his provocative remarks to Vladimir Putin. I hurried over to patient's private apartment where I found him curled up in a fetal postition on the hideous brown sofa, whimpering slightly. "Look into my eyes" I commanded. " Look into my eyes," I repeated." I snapped my fingers and he immediately fell into a hypnotic trance as I had instructed him at our last session.
"What seems to be the matter?" I asked him.  Patient looked at me pleadingly. "I think I may have pushed Pootin  too far, Doctor. What shall I do?"
" Call him back and make nice," I told him,  "Thank you doctor", he said and reached for his  iPresidentophone.. ---Dictated by S.H. Rink M.D.

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