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Professional E-Learning and Practical Courses as Offered By Woodford

By Smadison

The automotive industry is rapidly developing with more cutting-edge technologies being introduced. Now the automotive corporations like Woodford Automotive Diagnostic and Training Service are providing e-Learning and Practical courses for the benefit of automobile professionals.
Professional E-Learning and Practical Courses as Offered By Woodford
Woodford Automotive Diagnostic and Training Service stands out as the workshop based business in Cavan town, Ireland. Here, the professionals have successfully conducted diagnostic tests on many motor vehicles, and it is how the company ownership got the insight into the different diagnostic kits. Likewise, now we have Woodford Diagnostic growing the workshop business, and another branch came up as the diagnostic equipment sales. This diagnostic equipment business keeps on growing and comprises the leading branded names like Autocom, Launch, Pico, Sherpa Alba, Capalec, Avl, Skyes-Pickavant, and more. With demand, Woodford Automotive Training came up that ensures training to take place along with sales of diagnostic equipment.
The Practical Courses Being Offered
Through practical training, the theory derived from the e-learning modules is perfect to apply to real workshop situations. Woodford allows booking either one day or a two-day course at the particular level and the subject to learn on. The agency uses the services of professional engine rigs, complete cars, diagnostic equipment, scope meters, multimeters, and assorted testing products.
The various practical courses being offered are -
Professional E-Learning and Practical Courses as Offered By Woodford
Abs/Esp Braking Systems
The course is for the candidates to understand the modern antilock braking systems or ABS/. The main subjects included are -

  • System structure
  • Live data understanding
  • Testing sensors and the actuators
  • Industrial health and safety matters

Diesel Engine Management
Through Diesel Engine Management, the candidates will clearly understand the modern diesel engine management systems. The course contains the following subjects -

Basic Diagnostics
Basic Diagnostics is meant for guiding the candidates with a clear understanding regarding the basic procedural approaches necessary for dealing successfully with modern engine management systems. The subjects for this particular course are -

SRS Supplementary Restraint Systems
The course allows the candidates to clearly understand the modern supplementary restraint systems or the SRS. Its notable subjects are -

  • Understanding the live data
  • System structure
  • Testing sensors and actuators
  • Related health and safety rules
  • Efficiency in system fault finding

Launch Pro & Pro 3s
The specific course under the Launch Pro series is the basic fault code reading theory and the right way for verifying the fault code.
Bespoke Workshop Training
The management guides the attendees when they contact and take up an appointment at Woodford Automotive Diagnostic Training Services.
The E-Learning Courses Being Offered
Along with the practical courses, the candidates equally benefit from e-learning courses and learn how to work on cars with technical knowledge. In fact, e-learning is beneficial when the young aspirants are focused on learning the courses for applying them in their professions.

Professional E-Learning and Practical Courses as Offered By Woodford

The list of e-learning courses the candidates get to learn include -

  • Diesel Exhaust Gas Technology
  • Brake Service and Maintenance
  • Charging System and Starter Batteries
  • Electricity
  • Electronics
  • EOBD/OBD-II Self-diagnostics
  • Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technology
  • Light Vehicle Proactive Maintenance
  • Starting and Start-Stop System
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
  • Tyres, Rims, and Tyre Work
  • Automotive Electrical Troubleshooting Basics
  • HV Vehicle Technologies - Toyota Prius PHEV 2014
  • Workshop Safety
  • Workshop Waste Sorting and Recycle
  • Maintenance Service

Anyone can register with Woodford Automotive Diagnostic & Training Service, and help themselves with the e-learning and practical courses. The website has all the details furnished to help themselves become acquainted with vehicle diagnosis matters.

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