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By Alysonisneat
For those of you who care (you are reading this so I'm assuming you care), I had an incredibly productive weekend, although boring.  Definitely the highlight being the 74 degree weather on Saturday which created the perfect atmospheric conditions for hot dogs on the grill and beer at noon.  I'm not sure what exact barometric pressure coincides with drinking a beer at noon.  My to-DONE list:-start my compost bin (and continue to add goodies to it)-bag up dead leaves collecting in my back door walkway (found three earthworms for compost bin!)-buy soap nuts -replace air filter-do 5 loads of laundry (some where small)-put away said loads -wash ALL of my pairs of tights (by hand)-vacuum the house-did my dishes-organized my underwear drawer (socks, stuff, stuff, and tights)-hem my pants-mend a sweater-mend a slip-make tuna fish salad
I was under the impression that it would be a rainy day in Nashville on Sunday, but it was not.  Just gray.  Once finished with everything, I watched The Runaways and The Virgin Suicides.  Now it is time to go to bed and get this week started (I'm writing this at night).
Necklace: vintage, ChicagoShirt: J.CrewSkirt: thrifted, AustinBoots: AnthropologieBelt: J.Crew

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