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Product Review: FIFA Street

By Simplyfutb01 @simplyjuan11

Lio Messi on Cover of FIFA Street

First and foremost, to the creators of FIFA Street I have to thank for my long nights playing. It was awfully cool to be able to see an equivalent to the highly successful NBA Street brand that came out over a decade ago.

I really enjoy the edge that the game has as it shows an aspect of it that evokes the places and the ways in which many first were exposed to the game.  It also brings out the a side of the game that is rarely ever caught by the cameras.

FIFA Street brings that raw coolness to the game as well as the freedom from the boring tactics that the Beautiful Game can draw up.   The game on occasion seems worthy of only rocket scientists and astrophysicists to break down.  Forget it.  FIFA Street brings back the aspect of the game that made so many fall in love it in the first place.  The freedom that a cage, a futsal court, or makeshift fields in Venice make this game that much more exciting and really caught my attention.

I will admit to you all, I am not the most skillful player. Just so you get an idea, whenever I have played Madden, my teams only do four plays, “run right”, “run left”, “run middle” and an occasional play action pass. I am more results oriented.  I am a boring guy in that aspect. I will compete in many games and win.  Although I will get many W’s, I will not be able to do it with style.  It would be like a Volcano cake without caramel and chocolate syrup- it would simply be an overgrown brownie.

But this game brought out the dare devil in me and I attempted to start making moves and try to earn style points with my goals.  I failed miserably at first but the more the moves turned out the way I wanted them to and it was borderline addictive.  Just being able to do a roulette or a rainbow had a special little zing to the game that I truly enjoyed.

Those of you that are hardcore FIFA 12 fans, I would definitely recommend you giving it a try.  If you compare it to that particular brand, it could yield to be disappointing.  This is why I would say, come in with an open mind and you will gain an appreciation for Street.  It is very entertaining sans some of the frills that do not appear if you look at FIFA or for those of us who are a little older, NBA Street.

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Unlike the larger than life hyperbolic illusion that made that brand so riveting, the FIFA equivalent is more realistic and those frills definitely are not as necessary for the hardcore soccer fan. Many could attribute it to being very bare bones as there is something that could be missing.  Again, if you are looking for a big difference between FIFA and Street, that is a major one.

The game does not have is the drab commentary from announcers that can hinder from the overall experience.  The only one that would have been capable of filling that role would have been Duke Tango of And1 Mix Tape fame.

More importantly the game itself is simplified a great deal with tutoring videos as well as replays that show you what you did wrong in a previous play.

EA Sports did a great job of taking the next step in making the game even more realistic with some outstanding graphics as well as music that is very appropriate for the mood of the game.  That should honestly be more fitting that nay commentary that people might be missing out on in the first place.

From the concrete slabs of Rio to the Overpasses in Toronto to an empty basketball court in New York, Street shows you the various spinoffs of footy.  It is not just about I really had fun playing Last Man Standing.   That variation has a field where you engage in 4v4 action.  The team that scores has a player removed.  The first team to have all their players score, wins.

There are also variations in which you play for style points and goals.  There is also indoor soccer where the walls make it an interesting proposition.

Of course, Futsal is my personal favorite.  Playing in palatial wooden courts as you compete against some of the best teams in the world is a great challenge.

Of course, I was tempted to play with Lionel Messi on occasion.   And some of the moves he makes on this game are just as real as what he does on the pitch. That in addition to going to any venue in the world gives you a great perspective on how the different styles of play are dictated based solely on the game you are playing.

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All I can say is that for my friends that enjoy trickery and mastery of ball skills, the game you have been waiting for is finally here. Even if you have a slight curiosity you will truly enjoy FIFA Street.  Again, give it a shot you will not be disappointed. Take it from a novice gamer.
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