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…Proceed With Caution

By Zer @the2women

…Proceed With Caution

U.S. tobacco companies are tired of being picked on. Four of them filed a lawsuit against the federal government on Tuesday, claiming that their free speech rights are being violated.

This violation to which they refer are the newly enforced graphic labels required on all their products’ packaging. The lawsuit also includes that the images were manipulated to be especially emotional (what!?!).

Yes, it turns out that corpse on one of the labels is just an actor, with a fake scar (shocking).

Sure it’s easy to pick on the big, bad tobacco companies, but let’s try and look at it from their perspective.

Do any of the other disease causing products have photographic, warning labels required for their products? I don’t recall seeing any damaged livers in the liquor department my last visit (at least not on the bottles).

And there are plenty of other legal products out there that pose health risks.

I mean think about it. You’d be a lot less likely to grab that bag of chips or can of soda off the shelf if they came with a photo of some morbidly obese person.

Maybe we should just save some ink, and ban it all.

Thank you big tobacco for opening our eyes (and closing our lungs).

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