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Pro SEO Tips for Facebook Graph Search

Posted on the 17 January 2013 by Andykinsey @andykinsey

Earlier this week Facebook launched a new tool, Facebook Graph Search. The tool which enables you to semantically search facebook is a long awaited device for easily finding more information about all of your friends, as well as individual friends.

With the ability to create searches such as "restaurants in manchester that my friends have been too" it is easy to see why there could be some important updates to make to pages and status updates for businesses across the world. (ok it's social search optimisation and not SEO strictly but shush).

So here are  Top 3 Pro Tips for Facebook Graph Search:

1) Ensure that your Page Name, Vanity URL and About Section are all optimised for your business name, type and location - these are all key attributes in many likely searches using Facebook Graph Search.

2) Post updates each and every day and use images in all of your posts and offers, from the results seen so far almost all searches using Facebook Graph Search will show an image with them (I am yet to see one without an image attached).

3) Focus on attracting fans to your Page and give your fans a reason to interact with your content on an ongoing basis. The more activity on your page the more likely you are to show in Facebook Graph Search.

Overall, they key is updating your page often and ensuring its continual growth of your facebook page through fan growth and interaction. The more interaction the better the chance of your page appearing for relevant searches, but also remember to post random things like "bikes seen from the restaurant window" as if someone searches "bikes in manchester" you may also show up for this! Be clever too and ask questions


Do you have a top tip for using Facebook Graph Search and optimising pages for search? let us know, leave a comment below!

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