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Pro-Gun Demonstration on VA Tech Campus

Posted on the 13 November 2011 by Mikeb302000
via The Truth About Guns where you can read one banal and unconvincing comment after another. I thought The Young Turks made good points.

Commenter ern had this to say: "Properly carried guns make environments safer, not less safe."
I responded with this:
That would be true if every single concealed carry guy acted properly. But they don't.
The statistics you guys keep throwing around showing how low a percentage of CCW permit holders fuck up, are not trustworthy. The truth is some percentage is unfit and does wrong, the same is true of any group, and it's not that ridiculously low percentage you say.
That's what we object to, the percentage of gun owners who are not responsible and have somehow succeeded in acquiring a concealed carry permit anyway.
What's your opinion? Are college campuses better off with the gun-free-zone policy or not? Are the pro-gun demonstrators out of line doing their protest there of all places?
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