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.Pro Domain Extension Hits All Time High Number of Domain Registrations

Posted on the 12 February 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains


On November 15th, 2015 the restrictions on the TLD .Pro were lifted.

Since it was approved in 2000, .Pro domain names had been restricted to to three classes of professions; lawyers, doctors, and accountants.

According to, “.pro started this July with about 122,000 registrations.”

According to, .Pro never hit 150,000 registrations when it was restricted but as of today according to .Pro domain registration sits at almost 170K domains, most of us wish we owned a stock that has a graph with the kind of growth .Pro has since the restrictions were lifted.

.Pro seems to have picked up some 50,000 domain registrations since the restrictions were lifted.

The growth is even more impressive considering that some of the largest domain name registrars do not handle .Pro including Godaddy and Enom.

At the moment is offering .Pro domain names for just $3 which doesn’t hurt either.

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