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Private Weddings Law Proposal Voted Down

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The current law says that all [Jewish?] weddings in Israel must be performed and registered through the Rabbanut. Anybody performing a wedding without registering via the Rabbanut can be jailed for up to two years for the crime.
That does not stop it from happening, but it does give the Rabbanut overwhelming control of the system. I have a couple of rabbi friends who believe the Rabbanut monopoly on weddings should be ended and they perform such weddings, knowing the risk they are taking. In addition, many other people do such things as well, and Yesh Atid MKs, among others, have been doing this over the past couple of years as well.
MK Aliza Lavie (Yesh Atid) proposed a law that would allow private weddings without registering via the Rabbanut. Because of the recent increase in such activity by Yair Lapid and other Yesh Atid MKs, this proposal was dubbed "the Yair Lapid Law".
The law was voted down, though some in the coalition were conflicted about it as they wanted to support it but were unable to due to the coalition position.
source: Srugim
Has anybody ever been arrested for such a crime? If it is so public, MKs are referenced as performing such weddings and they are generally high profile, who do they regularly get away with it? I could understand low-profile people getting away with it, because how would anyone outside the family members even know a crime was being committed, but the high-profile ones are far more public.
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