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Priorities, Priorities, Priorities.

By Sydneygrace @SydneyGrace121

I’m an all-or-nothing kind of gal.

“Like” is a word that barely exists in my vocabulary {unless of course you’re talking about Facebook, where I like absolutely everything.}.

I honestly can’t ever remember saying, “I really like this!”. Nope. Not this girl. More commonly, it would be, “I LOVE this!” or, “I have been looking forward to this MY ENTIRE LIFE. / This is the best thing in MY ENTIRE LIFE. ”

Hey. So I’m a little enthusiastic at times…

Sometimes this is a good thing, but sometimes it’s a bad thing.

If I love anything in my life, I go hard-core about it. As in, I focus all my energy on it and obsess about it.

I’m also a procrastinator. That’s kind of a lethal combination…

Take this example: 2 weeks ago, I finally succumbed to my curiosity about the newest game {well, iPhone app} I was hearing people rave about. Temple Run. So I downloaded it and started playing.

As it turns out, it’s really fun. And really addicting. So pretty much 80% + of my free-time lately has been spent playing that game.

Have to get more coins. Have to reach 5,000 meters. Have to score 1,000,000 points.

All of which I’ve done.

{For the record: I’m not a “gamer”. In fact, I hate almost every video/computer game, but sometimes you just try out something on a whim and find out you really enjoy it. Anyway…}

So… I found a fun game a like. Not a big deal, right?

Except… sometimes, it is.

The times when…

it’s 10:45 and I know I should take a shower & get to bed, etc. I’m finishing up checking instagram, so I tell myself I can play 1 game of Temple Run then get on with my night.

Well… I happen to lose that game 7 seconds later. It wasn’t really a full game…. Even though I know in the back of my mind that no matter how short it was, it was a game & it counted, I hit the “run again” button.

With that game, I come super close to beating my high score. I tell myself I’m on a roll and hit that “run again” button once more.

Before I even realize it, 20 minutes has passed and I’ve wasted all that valuable time that could have been spent doing something so much more productive.

I’m not a good time-manager.

Sometimes, I wish I were a more “mild” person. A person who could just “like” things rather than always loving or hating and therefore focusing way too much of my energy everything.

My “addictions” are very short-lived. Ask me in 2 weeks and I know for certain that I’ll be telling you I’ve barely played temple run in the last week. There are certainly much worse things to be “addicted” too.

The thing with me though, is that anything I spend more time on than I should really only cuts into one area of my time.

priorities, priorities, priorities.

The most important area. 

Jesus. Bible reading.

Not cool.

I don’t know how long it’s been since I read my Bible. Months. I mean, I google Bible verses really often and sometimes I do get my real Bible out and do some short reading {like I did for 15ish minutes the day before Lent began this past week}, but nothing in-depth.

Every mundane little thing in my life seems to take precedence over the most important thing in my life.

That’s so backwards it barely makes sense. But it’s how it is, for me and I’m betting for you too.

priorities, priorities, priorities.

I make myself out to be too busy for Jesus. When really, I’m not busy in any sense. I’m home for 6ish hours every evening before I even think about going to bed, etc. Why is that not enough time for me? 

If I can’t make the time for Jesus, I shouldn’t be making time for any other things. He needs to come first.

God gave me my hard-core & all-or-nothing personality for a reason. But that reason wasn’t so I could beat my high score on temple run or sit around and refresh Facebook for hours.

God gave me this personality so as to use it to focus all of my energy on HIM.

That my purpose. Do I ever really have a day where I don’t get online at all? Ummm…no. Do I have days where I don’t read my Bible? Welcome to my everyday.

Thank God for grace.

priorities, priorities, priorities.

We put God off so often. If He were one of our regular friends and we ignored Him as much as we do? Well, bye-bye friendship. Thankfully, He’s not just any other friend. He is God. And no matter how much we ignore Him, put Him off, shove Him in the forgotten corner of our busy everyday, tell ourselves we are to busy for Him…He’ll always be right there in the end, waiting patiently for us.

‘Cause that’s just how He rolls. 

So this weekend… I invite you to prioritize with me, and make sure God is front and center on that priority list.


{all images via Pinterest}.

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