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Principessa Italiana

By Trendytechie @theTrendyTechie


What a beautiful world it is! It was incredibly hot and gorgeous in Bella Italia, and I was so happy to be back. I’ve traveled often to Italy, so being there is like being in a second home, especially with all the old friends and family up in the mountains. That’s right, I’m part Italian! Half Italian, to be exact. Mix in the German beer and Indonesian spices and you’ve got me!


This stunning dress is made by Halifax’s own Conni Zafiris of Zafira. What better place to wear this beautiful garden gown than in the clouds among the tall, stately Alpine mountains? Dancing around the little cobblestone streets and apple orchards in this gown and my blue slipper flats makes me feel like an Italian Disney princess.



Welcome to my castle! Our grey house is one of the oldest in the region, and features a fresco on the front from the 1400s. The town of Cloz is home to just 800 people, making it a small but strong community with family history spanning the centuries. These big, old houses are built with the land in mind, nestled among the thousands of fruit trees, farms and gorges that characterize the mountain range. Their walls are a meter thick and the streets between them remain the size they were hundreds of years ago, just wide enough to fit a horse and carriage.



The Trentino region of Italy has some of the most luscious apple orchards in the world. It’s the middle of the season and the apples are filling out, soon to be ready to be picked and shipped worldwide!

   While we were exploring one of the streets we met these two adorable little munchkins who wanted to dance! We danced down the streets until dusk.

Now that I’ve left Italy, I can’t wait to go back. Five days is simply not enough!  There’s such a peaceful atmosphere up in those mountains. It’s in the air, the food, and the history of these small streets that you find the kind of peace and goodness people want to believe in.

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dress: c/o Zafira Apparel

shoes: Wishbone

Principessa Italiana
Principessa Italiana
Principessa Italiana
Principessa Italiana
Principessa Italiana

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