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Princess Zelda Takes Aim in New Hyrule Warriors Trailer

By Boxmash
Hyrule Warriors zelda

Hyrule Warriors is just packed with characters. We’ve seen how cool Link and Impa look swinging their swords, but now it’s time to take a look at how Zelda does battle. Even though she’s always the princess in need of saving, Zelda is just as awesome as Link in a fight. Take a look at her using a great bow-and-arrow move in this new trailer.

Her moves are slower than Link’s super-fast spin attacks, but they seem to have much more range and affect more enemies at once. She looks like a good combination of Link’s sweeping swings and Impa’s slow-but-heavy moves. It’s great to see that each character works really differently, meaning there’s lots of variety for different playthroughs.

Zelda, Impa, and Link will be joined by Agitha, Lana, and Midna, who we haven’t seen in action yet. Keep your eyes on our Hyrule Warriors stories to see their trailers as soon as they appear.

The Hyrule Warriors release date is September 19th on Wii U.

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