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PrimeXBT Affiliate Program Review 2020 | Should You Become an Affiliate Partner?

Posted on the 09 November 2020 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

PrimeXBT Affiliate Program Review

In this post we have featured PrimeXBT Affiliate Review : that's included detailed insights features, support, pricing and more.

A perfect way to do it is to become an affiliate of a crypto trading platform if you are looking to benefit from the rising popularity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You probably already know that not all crypto referral programs are equivalent, whether you are new to crypto affiliate programm or you have been around the block a couple of times. But you may have learned about PrimeXBT along the way, a strong trading network that provides a competitive affiliate program.

Is PrimeXBT nice? How does it work, and what are its benefits and drawbacks? We'll go over how to use PrimeXBT in-depth in this guide and explore the features of the software. Let's begin with the basics.

PrimeXBT Affiliate Program Review 2020 | Is It Worth The Hype?

About PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT is a crypto-currency exchange that requires leverage and no KYC to trade crypto, forex and stocks. It is increasingly becoming popular among the world's trading community because of this. I'll take a look at PrimeXBT's affiliate program in this guide to see how much you can really earn from it.

Often, world-class media outlets feature PrimeXBT. We are thankful for the coverage you provide and are welcome to download and use PrimeXBT logos, banners, and more from our Publicity Kit from any members of the press or media.

PrimeXBT Affiliate Program Review 2020 | Should You Become an Affiliate Partner?

PrimeXBT Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of PrimeXBT seems well thought out on initial observations, they have also included some marketing materials that you typically don't see with affiliate programs for crypto exchange-so that's a good thing as it helps you to start earning instantly and most likely with higher conversion rates.

The affiliate program of PrimeXBT is open to everyone and you can open an account immediately. All you need is a valid email address and internet connection.

PrimeXBT Affiliate Program Review 2020 | Should You Become an Affiliate Partner?

Use the instructions below to get started with the PrimeXBT affiliate program:

  • Go to com
  • Press 'Registration'
  • Complete the form of registration and confirm the email address
  • Tap 'Account' once you have accessed your account.
  • Now, pick 'Earnings Affiliate'

You are now successfully part of the affiliate program of PrimeXBT and can start earning immediately by sharing your specific reference connection shown under the earnings tab of the affiliate.

The platform of PrimeXBT loads quickly and features an elegant, streamlined interface that is intuitive and simple to use. Some of the features and tools that are excellent include:

PrimeXBT Affiliate Program Review 2020 | Should You Become an Affiliate Partner?
  • Customizable maps. Traders can pick and select a wide variety of timeframes to view between bar, candlestick and line charts.
  • Multiple indicators. PrimeXBT makes it possible to imagine what the price is and to make potential forecasts. Indicators include ADX, ADXR, Bollinger Bands, EMA, Fast Stochastic, Ichimoku, Curve and Slope, MACD, Parabolic SAR, Relative Strength Index, SMA, Linear Regression Channel, and many, many more. Thus, using a broad range of trading techniques, PrimeXBT appeals to traders.
  • Multiple order types. On the PrimeXBT platform, traders can position market orders, limit orders, stop orders and security orders. It's simple to manage entries and exits with these various order forms.
  • PrimeXBT started working with Covesting recently. Traders will have the option of investing in top trader funds using the Covesting module. Not only that, but this function will tell traders first of all about the total capital and ROI of each fund, so that informed decisions can be made easily. This implies that, by leveraging the expertise of participating advanced traders, even new investors can get a jumpstart towards profit. The Covesting function is accessible on the trading platform via the top menu.

Reporting Features

Now, to switch to the reports. One of the most overlooked, but extremely significant, characteristics of any affiliate program is reports. It's valuable to be able to see how much you've earned, how you earned it, and when you earned it, as it helps you to maximise and increase revenue, which is right here? In my view, it's somewhat lacking in terms of the PrimeXBT reporting functionality.

PrimeXBT Affiliate Program Review 2020 | Should You Become an Affiliate Partner?

You can see all the basics, such as the amount of referred accounts and commissions from these references, but you cannot go deeper and see how much you were received by each referred individual or how much they deposited, etc.


So, on the part you've all been waiting to learn, how much will you really receive from the affiliate program of PrimeXBT? Let's take a look at the commission structure of the affiliate program of PrimeXBT before I show you the dollars-essentially, this is the profit share between you and PrimeXBT for the traders you refer to the program.

PrimeXBT provides something called a 'tiered' commission system, which ensures that you not only earn money from individuals who sign up and trade through your connection, you also earn money from traders they refer to, which allows for higher, compounded earnings.

You will earn 20% of the revenue generated from direct referrals made by you. So if someone who signs up for your connection one day pays $100 in fees, you're going to earn $20 in BTC.

After that, on individuals that relate to the exchange, you can earn 15 percent and this continues until level 4 where you then earn 5 percent of the fees paid.


In addition to the regular affiliate program which is revenue share, PrimeXBT also offers a CPA deal which means that you can earn a one-off payment per referral you make that deposits.


So, I'm going to give you an idea of what you can expect to receive from the PrimeXBT affiliate program now that we've got the boring stuff out of the way.

From my personal experience, on a crypto exchange, you can receive around $2,000 per month from 100 referred accounts ($20 / month per account referred). When using the PrimeXBT affiliate program, you can use this as a simple reference.


Payments from the PrimeXBT affiliate program are made to your main PrimeXBT wallet in BTC daily between 12:00 and 14:00 UTC and can be withdrawn daily to any valid external Bitcoin address.

Here is an instance of how you can benefit from the affiliate program of PrimeXBT:

Imagine writing a summary of PrimeXBT on your website and setting up an affiliate connection. To open an account and begin trading, a visitor to your site likes what they see and clicks through.

PrimeXBT Affiliate Program Review 2020 | Should You Become an Affiliate Partner?

That person is a "direct referral." So PrimeXBT sends you 20 percent of their trading fees from now on. But what's really great about PrimeXBT is that it features a compensation system of 4 stages. If the clients referred to the website also wish to engage in the referral scheme, you can receive a portion of the fees for their referrals.

The payouts, therefore, go like this:

  • Direct referral: 20% of trading fees
  • Level 2 referral: 15% of trading fees
  • Level 3 referral: 10% of trading fees
  • Level 4 referral: 5% of trading fees
PrimeXBT Affiliate Program Review 2020 | Should You Become an Affiliate Partner?
  • Revenue share 70%
  • Earn stable income with this revenue sharing offer.
  • PrimeXBT partners receive up to 70% of all trading fees paid by their referred users.
  • Up to $1,250 CPA
  • One of the most profitable CPA offers on the market today!
  • Get paid between $40 - $1,250 for every qualified trader you introduce to the PrimeXBT platform.
  • CPA + Revenue share
  • With this hybrid offer you will receive a fixed pay for every eligible lead, and after, you will get a revenue share every time your referrals trade.
Start earning now
  • You introduce customers. On a website, blog, or social media, share your personal partner link
  • Register and exchange customers. A customer signs up and starts trading at PrimeXBT
  • You earn profits. You will be paid according to the bid you have chosen.
Estimate your income online!

The more clients you sign up with, the greater the profits you receive. To see the average monthly income you will make as a partner depending on the number of traders you bring in, drag the bar to their official website.

There is no limit on how much via this bitcoin referral program you might theoretically receive. But to give you an idea, we are associated with PrimeXBT at the moment. To date, our direct referrals alone have earned more than 1.76 BTC. Add referrals to our tiers 2, 3 and 4, and it adds up to considerably more.

You will navigate to "Account" while you are logged in, where you will be able to see and copy your personal affiliate connection. You can display current data on referral rate, payout percentages, sponsored referrals, turnover, pending payouts, and payouts that you have earned to date on that same tab.

Pros And Cons PrimeXBT Affiliate Program

Pros of PrimeXBT
  • PrimeXBT is a high-quality trading platform that provides customizable maps, coveting, and other exciting features with hundreds of indicators. Slippage is minimal with rapid and effective trade execution. These features have a convincing impact on potential buyers, making PrimeXBT an outstanding partner website.
  • PrimeXBT provides both its investors and its affiliates with quick and attentive customer support. If you have a question or concern at any point, you should be able to easily get in contact with a team member.
Cons of PrimeXBT
  • PrimeXBT has only been around since 2018. However, within a relatively short span of time, it has established a strong reputation among both traders and affiliates.
  • Although PrimeXBT accepts affiliates from around the world, there are some nations, such as the United States, from which you cannot affiliate. There are several nations where consumers are still forbidden from trading.
Quick Links:

The framework PrimeXBT has come up with is fairer and potentially more lucrative in our view. You qualify for the commission immediately following a good direct referral to PrimeXBT instead of having to wait for the turnover on the accounts you referred to reach 10,000 XBT to earn a 20 per cent payout.

While many clients trade high volumes on crypto exchanges, the fact is that lower turnover is achieved by the majority. You get to make a lot more cash from those lower turnover clients with PrimeXBT's platform than you would if you were to go with other similar crypto trading platforms like BitMEX.

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