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Pride Flags Removed from Outside Great Synagogue

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I do think the religious and Haredi community has a long way to go in changing attitudes about how to deal with homosexuality. For example I think it was unnecessary, and even wrong, for Minister Litzman to turn a proposed law to protect members of the LGBT community from harassment into a coalition crisis in order to have it taken off the table (as he did today to MK Ohana's proposal).
Despite that, I think it is wrong of the LGBT community to provoke the religious and Haredi community. The court recently upheld that in Beer Sheva when they wanted to have their parade through a religious neighborhood, and the courts said no. I think it was wrong of them to be provocative and hang their flags outside of the Great Synagogue today, and it was good of the mayor of Jerusalem to order them removed, upon Rav Stern's request.
The LGBT community avoids the Muslim areas of Jerusalem so as not to hurt the sensitivities of the Muslim community, and there is no reason they cannot do the same for the Jewish religious community, even if I think the religious attitude should be changed.
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