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Price of Gas Dropping

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Prices of gas went down at the same time we went into both the first and second lockdowns. The first time it even went down a lot. Just after we came out of lockdown the prices went up again.
I am sure it was just coincidental.
I questioned the connection back during the first lockdown, wondering if they are just giving us good news during a lockdown, even though we couldn't take advantage of the lower prices - we had nowhere to go and practically weren't allowed to leave our houses (the first lockdown was very strict).
So now I wonder if this piece of news announced today of the price of gas being lowered on Saturday night means we might be going into a third lockdown now.. :-)
It seems unlikely because  the numbers are pretty good from what I understand (though there is less testing I think), but maybe. Maybe if we were going into a lockdown the price would be dropped much more significantly.. this seems like a normal fluctuation....
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