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Preview: Ivar, Timewalker #5 by Van Lente & Portela

Posted on the 22 May 2015 by Comicscritic @comicscritic
Ivar, Timewalker #5 Preview (Valiant)Ivar, Timewalker #5Here’s a preview of Ivar, Timewalker #5 by writer Fred Van Lente and artist Francis Portela, on sale May 27th, 2015 from Valiant Comics.  IVAR, TIMEWALKER #5 (NEW ARC! “BREAKING HISTORY” – PART 1)Written by FRED VAN LENTE Art by FRANCIS PORTELA Cover A by STEVE LIEBER (MAR151589) Cover B by RAUL ALLEN (MAR151590) Character Design Variant by CLAYTON HENRY (MAR151591) Golden Age Variant by ROBERT GILL (MAR151592)BREAKING HISTORY – PART ONE!A little confused by time travel? Don’t worry, these guys don’t really understand it either. So they’re BREAKING HISTORY! New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente (ARCHER & ARMSTRONG) and rising star Francis Portela (Green Lantern Corps) kick off an all-new arc of the series that io9 calls “impressively shocking”!Dr. Neela Sethi, the inventor of time travel is captured by her evil future-self (because…time travel) and tempted to give into her rage and become the woman who may destroy history! As the BIG CRUNCH rapidly unmakes the universe around her, Neela faces a choice that may give her her life’s dreams…at the cost of the very universe itself. But take heart, inhabitants of the very universe itself, because all of our hopes lie the hands of IVAR, TIMEWALKER! But even he can’t save us alone – what happens when history’s most jaded time traveler puts together the best team he can find to save time itself? A combination of his estranged family, like his immortal brothers ARMSTRONG and THE ETERNAL WARRIOR, his inter-dimensional enemies like history’s most re-tweeted prankster THE LURKER, and a BLOODSHOT NANITE with one heck of an attitude problem are just the start of history’s most unexpected saviors. The plot to save history begins here, so don’t worry! …Well, maybe you should worry a little.$3.99 | 32 pages | T+ | On sale MAY 27SuperHeroStuff - Shop Now!Ivar, Timewalker #5 Cover A - LieberIvar, Timewalker #5 Cover B - AllenIvar, Timewalker #5 Cover  - Henry Design VariantIvar, Timewalker #5 Cover  - Gill Golden Age VariantIvar, Timewalker #5 Preview 1Ivar, Timewalker #5 Preview 2Ivar, Timewalker #5 Preview 3Ivar, Timewalker #5 Preview 4Ivar, Timewalker #5 Preview 5Comic Book Critic

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