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Preview: Extraordinary X-Men #1 by Lemire & Ramos

Posted on the 16 September 2015 by Comicscritic @comicscritic
Still Hated. Still Feared. Still Standing – Your New Look at EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #1!Extraordinary X-Men #1 Here’s a 3 page preview of Extraordinary X-Men #1 by writer Jeff Lemire and artist Humberto Ramos, on sale October 14th, 2015 from Marvel Comics.  Press ReleaseThe fate of mutantkind will be decided here! Prepare for a new team of X-Men for a new Marvel Universe.Today, Marvel is pleased to present your new look inside EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #1! Eisner Award-nominated writer Jeff Lemire (All-New Hawkeye, Sweet Tooth) and chart-topping artist Humberto Ramos usher mutantkind into a new era for the flagship X-Men title of All-New, All-Different Marvel! Eight months have passed, and the X-Men are in dire straits. A cataclysmic event that has altered the destinies of both Mutant and Inhuman. Many of the X-Men have gone missing – including their wayward leader Scott Summers. It will take the remaining X-Men to forge mutantkind into something stronger. Something extraordinary!Storm, along with Colossus, Magik, Nightcrawler, Iceman, Jean Grey and Old Man Logan will lead those who are hated and feared headlong into tomorrow. Welcome to the new Marvel Universe, X-Men – hope you survive the experience! It all starts this October as Lemire and Ramos bring you EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #1! EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #1 (AUG150752)Written by JEFF LEMIRE Art & Cover by HUMBERTO RAMOS Variant Covers by J. SCOTT CAMPBELL (AUG150755) Hip-Hop Variant by SANFORD GREENE (AUG150753) Cosplay Variant by AMANDA LYNNE SHAFER (AUG150754) Blank Cover Also Available (AUG150756)FOC – 09/21/15, On-Sale 10/14/15SuperHeroStuff - Shop Now! Extraordinary X-Men #1 CoverExtraordinary X-Men #1 Cover - Campbell VariantExtraordinary X-Men #1 Cover - Cosplay VariantExtraordinary X-Men #1 Cover - Hip-Hop VariantExtraordinary X-Men #1 Preview 1Extraordinary X-Men #1 Preview 2Extraordinary X-Men #1 Preview 3Share on FacebookPin on PinterestShare on Google+Share on TumblrShare on LinkedInShare on StumbleUpon

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