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Pretty Wedding Lingerie Finds

By Fanciestrands @fanciestrands
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Pretty Wedding Lingerie Finds

Things to consider when choosing honeymoon lingerie:

1. What will you wear under your wedding dress? You will certainly want to choose the right balance between comfort, control, and sexy. For example, this would be a choice between pantyhose or garter, and smoothing control garment versus a loose-fitting chemise or nothing at all.
2. When do I put on my wedding night lingerie? There is no one right answer to this but remember if you have bought a special, fancy piece of lingerie for your wedding night, then you will certainly want to make an entrance wearing it so that you can appreciate the look on your husband's face.
3. How easy is it to put on? If the lingerie you choose is going to be difficult to put on, save it for another night or, at the very least, do a test wear at home.
4. Will you feel good wearing it? You want to feel comfortable with your body around your new husband so you need to choose pieces that make you feel good about yourself.
Wearing something sexy on your wedding night will help create that extra special feeling and remind you of this special time together.
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