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Pretty Quick Pick: Blowtique Chicago

By Shanlakes
fishtail braid
Thanks to PrettyQuick I found one the best braid bars in town. At Blowtique all you have to do is show your stylist a picture of what you want, and they will replicate it. With lollapalooza right around the corner, everyone around the city is going in to festival mode. Of course, there's no better thing to start with than your hair. Three huge styles you will be seeing at festivals this summer: fishtail side braids, top buns, and beachy waves with sporadic mini braids woven in. I chose to try out the side fishtail braid. My stylist at Blowtique told me that a lot of people choose to "distress, and loosen" their fishtail braid at the end of the styling session. I will try doing that the next time I go.
Here's what I learned from stylist at Blowtique (some tips for fishtail beginners) 
1. If your hair is dry I would squirt 3-4 sprays of water on the bottom half of your head to make it easier. Brush your hair out with a big brush, and then use a small comb to get the perfect part.2. Then split the hair into 2 parts 
3.Then take one piece from part 1 and bring it over to part 2, then take one piece from part 2 and bring it over to part 1. After one complete set (of bringing 2 pieces over to the opposite side) pull the hair gently to secure the set in. Continue all the way down to the bottom, and then put a rubber band in at the bottom to secure the braid.
4. Squirt again lightly with water, and spray down any fly-aways!
Be sure to book your appointment through PrettyQuick (here) to get last minute appointments, off-beat pricing, and major rewards!! Look out for my festival hair from Blowtique coming up next week on a special Chicago Festival (hint hint) post sponsored by one of my FAVORITE designers! 
fishtail braid
fishtail braid
fishtail braid
pretty quick pick: blowtique chicago

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