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Pretty Positives #5

By Aworldfullofprettiness
I feel I've had quite a successful week these past 7 days... here are my weekly positives:
I have said goodbye to my old car, which has been replaced with a new one that I have so much more faith in! Even though my old car had power steering, my new car feels so much more advanced with everything.  I love how smooth and effortless everything feels. Wev been saying we'd replace my old car for the best part of a year now so this really is a massive thing for me this week!
I had my hair cut! For those that don't know, I really am not a hair person, even though I have a hairdresser sister-in-law. However my hair was almost down to my bum and it was beyond annoying. I made it one of my new years resolutions to get my hair cut regularly (instead of the usual *cough*twiceayear*cough*). 5 weeks into the new year and ive already had my first cut! Start as I mean to go on and all that...
I won a pretty good competition yesterday (that I actually wouldnt have known about had I not manually searched for my name and a few keywords on twitter, which I was a little annoyed about... why couldn't they have contacted/tagged me to make me aware I do not know). However it turns out I've won a nights stay in a country hotel nr manchester, champagne on arrival, afternoon tea, champagne in our room, 3 course meal (also with wine!) and breakfast the next morning. It sounds like a lot of food and alcohol is included but im not complaining! Ill probably bypass the drink and take the food instead! I can go anytime, so we're thinking when it gets a bit warmer so we can go for a nice country walk etc.
Last but not least, I took a days holiday today from work. I went to Lincoln with my mom - my brother had a few tests to do for an interview so she wanted someone to keep her company for the day! This enabled me to go to primark and start using my vouchers up that I got for Christmas.  We also had lunch out; the change of scenery was nice.  Im always partial to a day out.
Whats been positive about your week?!

Pretty Positives #5


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