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Pretty Nails for the Wedding Day

By Innstilettos
Pretty Nails for the Wedding Day
Who knew there were so many choices when it came to your nails and your wedding day.  You can go from very over the top to simple and well manicured.
Pretty Nails for the Wedding  There really is no right color.  Today is the age of anything goes but keep in mind the photographer will most likely want to do a hand shot of the rings so make sure it is a color you can live with in your wedding album. Pretty Nails for the Wedding Day
This was most definitely chosen to coordinate with the bridesmaid.  I really like the one textured nail.  Makes it very interesting.
Pretty Nails for the Wedding Day The alternative to white nail polish or the traditional French manicure which is clear on the bottom of the nail and white tips is pale pink.   You can find some really beautiful shades on  Pretty Nails for the Wedding Day If you want to "tie" into your formal nighttime affair, these little black bows painted on to the nail with a crystal in the middle is a nice touch.  Pretty Nails for the Wedding Day This looked very sweet to me. A ring painted on the nail. Send me some of your ideas....  Kisses, Deborah 

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