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Pretty in Pleats

By Fashionnerd @fashion_nerd13
pretty in pleats
pretty in pleats
pretty in pleats
pretty in pleats
pretty in pleats
gray & blue pleated dress :: kling, from q clothing boutique (buy kling @ q here) | wedges :: charlotte russe (love these ones) | clutch :: vintage (similar) | collar necklace :: forever 21 (love this feather version) | cuff :: forever 21 (try this tribal one) | earrings :: forever 21 | sunglasses :: charlotte russe
This dress is one of three acquired at Q Clothing's Kling sample sale Thursday night; the pleated gray chiffon and navy blue suede-like accents make this dress perfect for the last hazy days of summer. Come fall, layers will include tights and an elbow-patched cardigan from Zara that's been anxiously awaiting a soulmate for its own blog debut. The navy clutch with orange embroidery was encountered by chance on my way out the door Friday afternoon - laying atop a dresser, forgotten, until my fingers happened upon it while hunting for something else. Kismet. It belonged to my mother, when she was younger than I am now. A child of the 70s, perfect for a late afternoon outing in a canyon above a reservoir.
My momentary excitement over summer has faded; I desperately want it to be winter, though I'll settle for fall. The oppressive heat and lack of storms is depressing... I feel worn down by the dripping sunshine and ominously blue sky. Despite Weather Channel app promises of mid-80 degree temps, the thermometers still read 90+ most evenings as I drive home from work. Disappointing.
I used to be a summer child; I'm not sure exactly when I changed so much that I now find summer almost unbearable, but sometimes even the prospect of yet another long, sun-drenched day threatens a panic attack. Call me dramatic, if you will, but there's got to be more to it than that. Seasonal Affective Disorder, in reverse.
Despite my impatience for the arrival of autumn, its impending arrival brings with it a sense of loss for this summer in particular... The last few months years have been rife with emotional turbulence and life upending pronouncements, and I'm not sure that I've accomplished much in the way of actually living my life. My list of Epic Shit To Do has been a way to partially combat this sometimes overwhelming feeling of stagnation, but summer's imminent death means drastic measures must be taken to truly relish what's left of the warmth. Enter:
epic shit to do :: sudden deathseptember 2012an odd assortment and varied collection of random challenges to be completed before the official commencement of fall.
1. Go stargazing.2. Watch the sunrise on my roof with a cup of tea.3. Road trip.4. Discover someplace new.5. Find a new restaurant.6. Ride a rollar coaster.7. Go for a walk on the beach.8. Go swimming.9. Go hiking.10. Have an adventure.
What adventures are you going to accomplish before the end of summer?

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