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Pressure Sensing Pc Technology Knows

Posted on the 14 September 2012 by Ningauble @AliAksoz

Don’t you hate it that when you’re working on a deadline, pop-ups notifications and pings keep bothering us? Well I have some good news for you. Soon those notifications might become a thing of the past,  with some help from boffins at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies in Japan. They are working on technology which monitors keyboard pressure and keep those distractions on hold until you’re not so busy, showing over 80 percent accuracy during volunteer testing. Quiet time is always appreciated when you are concentrating on other tasks, they plan to use similar techniques to spot when you’re busy looking at that important piece or reading a book on-line. It’s still in the first phase, but if the stress-saving tech ever becomes a product, I will take six please.


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